Here you can find information and images from our previous productions.

THE ROOM by Harold Pinter

21-30th September 2015, Joshua Brooks, Manchester

Director: Kezi gardom                   Assistant director/ Producer: Catt Belcher


Lucy Ross-Elliott : Rose  Ethan Davids : Bert   Nick Pearse : Mr Kidd

Steph Reynolds : Mrs Sands  Dean Gregory : Mr Sands  Kash Arshad : Riley

POLLY & GORDON (Beautiful Desolation) by Robin J. Lyons

March 2015, The Kings Arms, Salford

Director: Kezi Gardom                   Assistant Directors: Robin Lyons, Sam Moran, James Kelly


Katie Owens : Polly  Alastair Gillies: Gordon 

Simon Stephens' Punk Rock (Studio Theatre, Salisbury)

Director: Samuel Ward


William: Robin J Lyons Bennett: Duncan Hallis Chadwick: James Kelly Lily: Aine Tiernan

Cissy: Catherine Belcher Nicholas: Austin Caley Tanya: Emily Stoker Lucy: Katurah Morrish

Dr Harvey: Glenn Lyons

Harold Pinters' The Birthday Party (Studio Theatre, Salisbury)

Director: Duncan Hallis


Meg: Ella Dunlop Petey: Robin Lyons Stanley: James Kelly Lulu: Catherine Belcher

Goldberg: Samuel Ward McCann: Austin Caley

Harold Pinters' Betrayal (The Mill Arms, Romsey)

Director: Robin J Lyons


Emma: Catherine Belcher Jerry: Austin Caley Robert: Robin J Lyons Waiter: James Kelly